Los Palos Amargos:
Starting Soon

Los Corocitos:
In Progress

Los Paredones:
In Completion

Tu Puedes Project: Completed

Hermandad Inc. is a community development agency, based in the United States, working primarily in rural communities of Latin America and the Caribbean. Hermandad serves as a catalyst or intermediary to strengthen local community organizations and accomplish sustainable development through our core competencies in:

• Water Management
• Agriculture
• Resource Conservation
• Health and Nutrition
• Sanitation
* Housing
* Leadership Training
* Local Institution Building

Hermandad seeks to actively participate in a network of small international community development agencies and provide assistance to these agencies through dissemination of Hermandad's successful technologies and methodologies.



where there was none.

Hermandad Inc. is a private, not-for-profit development agency founded in the U.S. in 1975. Its philosophy holds that all human beings have dignity and have a right to full integral development and a decent standard of living.

For the last decade and a half, Hermandad has concentrated its efforts in the rural south-west sector of Dominican Republic. Hermandad works at the grassroots level, directly engaging the farming villages in the decision making and labor required to reach community goals. Hermandad’s field staff are leaders who have come out of the villages where Hermandad has worked. These are the people who best understand the mentality and needs of their communities.







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